Relocations, separatism, white year for the precarious … François Ruffin's “8h30 franceinfo”

François Ruffin, LFI deputy for the Somme, was the guest of “8:30 am franceinfo”, Wednesday September 23, 2020. (FRANCEINFO / RADIOFRANCE)

François Ruffin, deputy La France Insoumise de la Somme, was the guest of “8:30 am franceinfo”, Wednesday September 23, 2020. Relocations, separatism, white year for the precarious … He answers questions from Marc Fauvelle and Sahlia Brakhlia.

Relocations: “Take back our sovereignty over certain products”

“We found ourselves naked this spring and we continue to undress. So that this does not happen to us again, there are a certain number of products over which we must regain our sovereignty”, explains LFI deputy François Ruffin. he considers that the production of certain goods should be relocated, such as “food, clothing, medicine”. In particular, it proposes to tax products coming from abroad to boost their production in France.

“Emmanuel Macron said this summer that this free trade is madness, Recalls François Ruffin. But we do not get out of this madness by giving, in the recovery plan, more money to companies so that they have a competitive advantage and that they return to the country. This is not true. “

Health crisis: a “white year” for the precarious

François Ruffin wants the government to set up a “White year” for those who suffer “first” of the economic crisis, “the temporary workers, fixed-term contracts or those who carry out extra contracts in the hotel and catering industry “. Le deputy La France Insoumise de la Somme proposes to extend their unemployment rights, as has been planned for intermittent entertainment workers who saw, last July, their compensation rights extended until the end of August 2021.

“The temping bosses estimate that this makes 500,000 people in full-time equivalent, so that means that in truth it is a million, even 1.5 million people who have gone into nature and that the we will not see in the demonstrations “, says François Ruffin.

5G: a “digital citizen convention” to decide on new technologies

In a few days, the auction on the allocation of 5G frequencies will begin in France. François Ruffin pleads for a referendum but also for the creation of a “digital citizen convention”. The LFI deputy of the Somme denounces the fact that the installation of 5G has not been the subject of a citizen consultation. There is “the will that technology passes without democracy”, he believes.

“I am for what we have done in bioethics. There are a number of technological advances that we decided not to adopt because we considered that it was not human progress, even that it went against human progress, for example surrogacy or human cloning “, he argues.

Plan against separatism: “A diversionary operation”

Emmanuel Macron is due to present his strategy against “separatism”, especially radical Islam, on October 2, before a bill in the fall on this issue. “I see the political operation in progress”, reacts the deputy La France insoumise François Ruffin, who sees it as a “diversion”. For him, this law “will serve as a screen for the very deep social crisis that the country is going through”.

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