REPLAY. Syria: watch the documentary “French jihadists: the part of the monster”

Thanks to the information of an indicator of the European intelligence services, the big reporter Kamel Redouani went to Syria in the footsteps of the French jihadists within the Islamic State group. After a year of field investigation, the journalist returns with an impressive documentary entitled French jihadists: the part of the monster. Broadcast Tuesday, October 27, in “The World in Face” on France 5, it is to review on our site

His investigations led Kamel Redouani to Raqqa, the former self-proclaimed capital of the caliphate, where some 1,700 French people would have lived between 2013 and 2019. The journalist collected fresh and unpublished testimonies of witnesses of the barbarism of the group Islamic State: a midwife who gave birth to children of European jihadists, tortured prisoners … The journalist found the former local of the official radio station of the group Islamic State, from where the French Fabien Clain would have recorded the claim of the attacks 11-November.


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