Republican MPs Burst During Congressional Hearing to Disrupt Investigation into Donald Trump's Removal Process

The Democrats launched the first stage of an “impeachment” action against the US president because he asked his Ukrainian counterpart to investigate one of his rivals.

A rare scene took place in the US Congress. Furious at not being sufficiently involved in the investigation of the Democrats for a process of impeachment of Donald Trump, Republican congressional officials interrupted Wednesday, October 23, a testimony in camera, creating a rare chaos in parliament American.

More than twenty elected Republicans from the House of Representatives burst into a secure room, delaying the testimony of a Pentagon official, as part of the Democratic investigation that could lead to an indictment (“Impeachment”) of President Trump.

An incident that comes two days after the latter called the Republican parliamentarians to “Harden” and “combat” this dismissal procedure that targets him.

In violation of the House's security rules, parliamentarians entered this room with their mobile phones. Some protesters have even written messages on Twitter from this secure room, called “SCIF” in congressional jargon. “I led 30 of my colleagues in SCIF where Adam Schiff (Democratic Chairman of the Intelligence Committee in the House) collects secret depositions for impeachment “, tweeted the Florida representative Matt Gaetz, a faithful supporter of Donald Trump, before deleting his tweet.

A video showing elected officials invading the scene, some with their mobile phones in hand, circulated on social networks, prompting many outrageous comments from the Democratic opposition on this serious breach in congressional security. “I worked in a SCIF as an officer and the importance of keeping the premises safe is so inculcated that I had nightmares at night in which I forgot my phone in the pocket of my uniform.”, thus reacted on Twitter the candidate for the democratic nomination Pete Buttigieg, qualifying the attitude of the elected republicans of“Embarrassing”.

Adam Schiff, who de facto leads the Democratic parliamentary inquiry against the Republican president, was forced to call the House Sergeant-at-Arms, according to the Washington Post.

According to an audio recording of another Republican elected, Alex Mooney, Adam Schiff “took the witness and walked out of the room because he refused to allow the hearing to proceed in a transparent manner”. The hearings, however, take place before the entire Intelligence Committee, where some thirty elected representatives, Democrats and Republicans, can question the witnesses.

To curb the progress of the investigation, at the end of which Democrats – Majority in the House – can vote a “impeachment” of Donald Trump, Republican elected officials denounce a lack of transparency.

Tuesday is the American diplomat Bill Taylor, stationed in Ukraine, who spoke for 10 hours – a testimony that has confirmed the Democrats in their suspicions. The latter recounted how the president of the world's leading power tried to pressure Ukraine to investigate the family of its Democratic rival Joe Biden in the run-up to the 2020 election.


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