residents under permanent surveillance

Everyboy inside“. This is the order of the government. At rush hour, traffic jams have given way to fluid traffic. The big signs have closed. In Beijing (China), the residents barricade themselves, and those who go out take all the All buildings in the capital are now checked, and visitors are requested to register: full name, telephone number, and last cities visited. “It is binding on people. But it is a necessity to overcome the epidemic“explains Bian Tao, caretaker.

Vigilance even intrudes inside buildings. “In all the residences in Beijing, the authorities have set up a system to identify potentially contaminated people. Just scan, a questionnaire appears and it must be said if we have been through Wuhan in recent days“Justine Jankowski, a journalist, says. Even drones infiltrate home windows to control the temperature. In deserted shopping malls, everyone walks past the thermometer.

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