Ridley Scott's ultra-confidential filming

Ultra-confidential filming at Berzé-le-Châtel (Saône-et-Loire). For a few days near the medieval castle, that's all we can see from the last film by Ridley Scott The last duel, currently filming. “We hear about it yes, but no longer in the newspaper. Otherwise no, we know that the actors have arrived”, testifies a resident. The plot focuses on the last judicial duel in France which takes place in the Middle Ages.

The actors Matt Damon, Adam Driver or Ben Affleck, very discreet, are lodged in Vonnas with the Michelin-starred chef Georges Blanc. If the stars are invisible, the economic benefits are already being felt. “We feel that there has been an emulation happening for a few days here, the technicians are here at noon, they come with drivers. In terms of spinoffs, it's very good”, ensures Nicolas Bourcet from the brasserie du Nord in Cluny. The feature film should be released in theaters in 2021.

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