“Roman Polanski is now in the clothes of Mr. Dreyfus,” denounces feminist activist Coralie Miller

For the collective Dare to Feminism, which publishes a tribune Tuesday, Roman Polanski instrumentalises the case and its film.

The collective Dare feminism publishes Tuesday, November 12 on Médiapart, a tribune entitled “We accuse”, which aims the director Roman Polanski on the eve of the release of his latest film, I accuse, which relates the Dreyfus affair.

Roman Polanski, who faces a new rape charge, “is now put in the clothes of Mr. Dreyfus, considering that he is a victim of a cabal, manipulation”, denounced on franceinfo Coralie Miller, feminist activist, director and co-signer of the tribune.

franceinfo: What do you denounce in this forum?

Coralie Miller: We accuse the reversal of guilt. Roman Polanski now puts himself in the clothes of Mr. Dreyfus, considering that he is a victim of a cabal, a manipulation on the part of inquisitrices that are women, both its potential victims, and those who try to defend them.

Do you think that Roman Polanski uses his work, and in this case the Dreyfus affair, to shape his public image?

He says in interviews that have taken place in the past two months that he himself is experiencing the persecution. And when he unfolds the thread of this persecution, it always comes to the women, who persecute him for 40 years as at the time the anti-Semites were persecuting Alfred Dreyfus. As much to tell you that for me who come from a Jewish family, particularly affected by the Holocaust, it hurts me all the more.

Can we distinguish between the artist and his work?

The problem is that from the moment the artist uses his own work to be able to reverse this accusation, something is wrong. I insist on one thing: we do not call for censorship. This film is a necessary film on the Dreyfus affair, just like The Pianist was a necessary film and personally touched me. We do not accuse the films themselves, it is this process of going to use them. I recall that a few months ago, Tariq Ramadan also used this image of Alfred Dreyfus. what does it mean? Does that mean that Mr. Dreyfus will become the standard bearer of all men accused of sexual assault and rape? It is not possible.


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