Sargassum, an alga that is problematic in the Caribbean

The Sargassum represent a real headache for the Caribbean authorities. These algae grow along the coast after having first sprung up in West Africa. In 2018, the aquifers stretched an impressive 8,850 kilometers. This represents a real ecological scourge, but also economic because they make the customers run away.

The French company Algeanova proposes to clean the waters by harvesting the algae, even if the current solutions still have limits. The collection barges are not good enough. “With that one, we harvest about 70 tons a day, that's not enough, you've seen the areas of seaweed there is, it's huge, with the other, you can pick up 300 tons a day “, explains the CEO Rene Munier. Once collected, these algae can be reused. In Mexico, Omar Vasquez Sanchez used it to build a house made of Sargassum bricks.

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