Science: a new way to learn how to control your brain

The brain, mysterious, is crossed by permanent electrical impulses. And if everyone could see what is going on live to correct it and practice mastering it. In a family of Saintes (Charente-Maritime), it is not quite science fiction anymore. Evan is 8 and doing a pure drawing is not natural to him. On the contrary, it is even a test because it has problems of concentration. “He can stay focused for 10 minutes, which is good for him already”, explains his mother Claire Angibaud.

He hates drawing because of his attention disorders. A problem of development of the neurons that he treats by re-educating his brain. A sort of physio of the mind that he does in a pediatric practice. To capture concentration and brain waves, the doctor places sensors behind the ear. For 45 minutes, Evan plays video games without controllers, but by thought. The more he is focused on his car, the faster it goes. Helping treat serious diseases like Alzheimer's, schizophrenia, or simply boosting one's intelligence: the prospects are immense. But the brain remains complex. A mechanic that does not easily reveal its secrets.

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