Secularity: Emmanuel Macron will meet the French Council of the Muslim religion this Monday morning

Emmanuel Macron will meet Monday with representatives of the French Council of the Muslim cult (CFCM), announced the president in an interview broadcast Sunday, stating that he did not want to “give way to precipitation” to speak about secularism.

“I'm about to see representatives of the French Council of Muslim worship,” he said in an excerpt released by RTL of an interview recorded during his return flight from La Réunion on Friday. The radio said that the meeting with the CFCM would take place Monday morning.

LR bill before the Senate on Tuesday

The theme will be “to see how our fellow citizens whose religion is Islam can quietly live their religion by absolutely respecting all the laws of the Republic,” says the head of state, while the theme of relations between Islam and secularism has stirred the debate for several weeks.

The Senate will consider Tuesday a Republican law proposal to ban the wearing of religious symbols to parents accompanying school trips. According to an Ifop-JDD survey, three out of four French people are in favor of such a ban.

In the excerpt of the interview RTL -which will be broadcast in full on Monday at 7:15 and 8:20, Emmanuel Macron indicates that he will announce “in the coming weeks” a battery of measures “to fight against this communitarianism” in “education, health, work, different services to the public “.

A battery of measures soon announced

“Which means,” he explains, “to have prohibition measures, which means sometimes to dissolve some associations even more, which means banning certain practices that have taken place and that do not conform to the rules. laws of the Republic “, and in summary” be intractable with the laws of the Republic “.

The head of state had called on October 8, a few days after the attack killed four officials at the police headquarters in Paris, to build “a society of vigilance” in the face of the risk of Islamist terrorism.

Questioned by RTL On the question of whether he will speak about secularism in the near future, the president replies that people are “confused.” I'm not asked to speak secularism, I want to talk about Islam. not to give way to precipitation or to the injunctions of speech in these moments? Because I would be myself (doing so) complicit in a kind of collective confusion. “


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