security will be strengthened for the 2019 edition

Strengthen the security of the two million visitors to the Christmas market Strasbourg : the memory of the attack of December 11, 2018, which killed five, will be in everyone's head. For this new edition, the Alsatian capital will be placed, more than ever, under very high surveillance. With 400 cameras, 60 municipal police and mobile agents who walk in the aisles of the market, the device is exceptional.

“The declination of this set allows to reach a level of security that, for my part, I qualify as never reached in previous editions”explains Jean-Luc Marx the prefect of the Grand-Est region and the department of Bas-Rhin. “We have a high-end security device, but that is not all risk, because the all-risk device does not exist”, he says. The Christmas market will open on November 22nd.

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