senators battle over rules and timing

Five days after having sworn to administer justice in an “impartial manner”, the hundred senators are again gathered at the Capitol, in Washington.

Debates at the trial for the impeachment of Donald Trump opened Tuesday, January 21, before the United States Senate by a fierce battle over the rules of this historic meeting, the Democrats accusing the Republicans of organizing an acquittal with no charge of the President of the United States. But before considering the indictment for abuse of power and obstructing the proper functioning of Congress, adopted in December by the House of Representatives, they engaged in a tough showdown on the rules of the game.

Five days after swearing to do justice for “impartial manner”, the hundred senators met at the Capitol, seat of the Congress in Washington. In an austere scene, they plunged into serious silence when the head of the Supreme Court John Roberts, responsible for presiding over the trial, signaled with his hammer the beginning of the discussions.

The head of the Republican majority in the Senate Mitch McConnell introduced a resolution to frame this lawsuit which, ten months before the presidential election, parasites the campaign to reelect the tenant of the White House. On the program: three days of eight hours on average for the prosecution and as much for the defense so that they can present their arguments, then 16 hours for questions from senators.

“It's a fair roadmap for our trial”, said the influential McConnell, who does not hide his desire to offer the republican billionaire the quick acquittal he hopes for, ideally within two weeks.

Accused of wanting to organize a night trial when the Americans sleep, he however had to somewhat dilute the duration of this initial phase compared to a first proposal with forced march.


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