Singer and actress Marie Laforêt died at the age of 80

She was nicknamed “the girl with golden eyes”. Marie Laforêt passed away Saturday, November 2 at the age of 80, announced her family. Unforgettable actress in Full Sun (1960) alongside Alain Delon, she was a multi-faceted artist. “There was the look of Alain Delon, and there was also this beautiful look of Marie Laforêt”says France Télévisions journalist Nicolas Lemarignier on the set of the 13 Hours.

In the early 1960s, she performed many hits of the French song, including adaptations of songs from the Rolling Stones. In 1979, she goes out It snowed on Yesterday, a title in which she evokes the separation of the Beatles. Marie Laforêt died at the age of 80 in Switzerland, where she had been living for several years.

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