“slightly fewer victims Saturday in Italy compared to the day before”

“This Saturday evening, Italy officially counts 1,441 victims, more than 20,000 sick, but I allow myself this evening to give you some reasons for hope: in the Codogno area, an area of ​​50,000 inhabitants which was closed for the past 15 days, there have been no new cases of contamination for 48 hours “, details Alban Mikoczy, France Télévisions correspondent in Rome.

And this slight improvement has a positive consequence. “There are fewer people flocking to hospitals in Lombardy and doctors therefore have more time to deal with cases that are in extreme emergency. This is why there is a little less this Saturday, March 14 victims in Italy compared to the day before. But the Italian government obviously wants this containment policy to continue for the moment “, continues Alban Mikoczy.


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