SNCF: Farandou wants to “get back on track” with the railwaymen

The new boss of the SNCF Jean-Pierre Farandou said in an interview in the Sunday newspaper want to “reconnect the thread” with the railway workers, insisting at length on his desire for “social peace” in a company shaken by recent mobilizations.

The current “agitation” at the SNCF “reflects the concern of employees” while the public group has recently experienced “a lot of things in terms of reorganization and structural reforms,” ​​recognizes Farandou. “I hear it.”

“I want to renew the thread There can not be a good service to customers if there is no social peace in the company”, he said, announcing meetings “as soon as possible” with the four main unions.

On the other hand, “the law imposes itself on all”, he recalled, judging as “unacceptable” the recent movements that overflowed the trade union organizations – a reference to the mobilization in the maintenance center of TGV Atlantique having succeeded work stoppages, in the name of safety, after the accident of a TER in the Ardennes.

More generally, the new boss of the public group – who works there since 1981 – intends “to allow a period of rediscovery of the company”.

Jean-Pierre Farandou, who succeeded Guillaume Pepy on Friday at the head of the SNCF, gives himself “one year” to define the new project of a group that becomes a public limited company on January 1st.

“We must put or put the trade unions on board, just like the employees,” he said, advocating a more decentralized management.

To the three major programs bequeathed by Guillaume Pepy on safety, punctuality and information to travelers, Mr. Farandou intends to add “the place of the human in the company”.

“Every railway worker must know that he has his place today and tomorrow He must be a part of the railway transition project Employment, quality of life at work, social relations: I will ask each big operational boss to take a little step back to better understand the social dimension of his entity. “

If he can not significantly amend the 2020 budget, Mr Farandou announces a “corrective” on living conditions at work.

“I want to improve all those little irritants of railway workers' everyday life, for example, that in the budget, envelopes should be provided to renovate the premises that need them,” he said.

In this first interview after taking office, very clearly intended primarily for staff of the SNCF, Jean-Pierre Farandou also evokes a recurring demand travelers: “more staff at the counter”, because, he says, “he the productivity effort must not be at the expense of customer expectations. “

“I will give the directive that at the latest next summer, the maximum duration of queues at wickets does not exceed thirty minutes,” he told the JDD.


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