Snow: 190,000 homes in the dark

The inhabitants of Saint-Julien-en-Saint-Alban (Ardèche) have a low morale. 90% of households have been without electricity for 24 hours. In Isère, Chevrières (Isère) spent the day of Friday, November 15 in the dark. More current since Thursday night. Due to lack of heating, the schools remained closed. All day long, Enedis teams have been active to restore electricity as quickly as possible. Interventions by dozens sometimes made complicated by weather conditions.

The ice arrives

In the Drôme, 75 000 households are deprived of electricity. On Saturday, Enedis' rapid response force will support the 2,000 agents already deployed to re-commission the ripped cables. Friday night, 200 generators are being installed or routed. The arrival of the ice storm could complicate the work of the electricians.

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