“Society is not secular, it is plural”

Religions and secularism are at the heart of the political debate in France. The Senate has voted to ban the wearing of religious signs in school trips and especially the veil. “There is a lot of confusion when you look at these issues of exercising secularism. I do not think we should ban the veil“, believes Father Thierry Magnin.We are in a society where there is a diversity of ways to express one's religion. It is the French state that is secular, we must absolutely respect that. Society is not secular, it is plural“, he adds.

Jean-Michel Blanquer said that the “sailing was not desirable in France“.”I understand very well that there must be some neutrality in a number of places. But between respecting a neutrality in a number of places and reducing the religious to the private space … Well no. The President of the Republic calls us to exist in the great debates of society“, says the spokesman of the conference of bishops of France.The bishops of the Amazon asked the Pope to authorize the ordination of married men to fight against the crisis of vocation.The situation of the Amazon is very particular because it is a huge territory“, explains Thierry Magnin.During the next assembly of bishops, there will be among others the ecology and also this fight against pedophilia“, adds the rector of the Catholic University of Lyon.


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