some French people are preparing for a new world


Contaminated rivers or soils, abandoned industrial waste … Do you live near a polluted site?
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Learn how to cultivate the land with the strength of the arms, produce oneself food … Two engineers decided to participate in an internship in Ardèche to learn about the work of the land. They are 37 years old each. Both have done great studies before working for multinationals. If they came to spend ten days in a training center, it is because they think that the industrial civilization will collapse in the near future.

Agriculture is only functioning now because it puts energy into it. The energy on the planet being limited, there will be more at a moment. So, it will stop. I will have to take care of my well-being myself, so I want to know this kind of technique to know if we can do something in the worst caseEmmanuel Arras, an automotive engineer, is a recent concern for him, and in the last two years he has consulted a large number of scientific studies, and exchanged with his engineering friends to come to a conclusion. radical in the future of the world economic system In France, Yves Cochet, former Minister of the Environment, is one of the most committed collapsologists.


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