South Africa world rugby champion, the victory of a people

A moment of unity, embodied by a team and materialized by a trophy. Throughout the country, scenes of joy and mixed people worthy of the “Rainbow Nation” celebrated South Africa's victory over England on Saturday, November 2nd. Siya Kolisi, the first black captain of the Springboks, is the symbol of this team, of this success. At 28, a poor child from the townships, these poor and dangerous South African neighborhoods, he bears the symbolic weight of this victory, while rugby, during apartheid, was the exclusive sport of the white minority.

Far from being the big favorites of the final, the South Africans tramped the English in the final, before Prince Harry came to drink, very fair, with the winners, in their locker room: “If there is one country that needs this victory, it is yours. So, just for that, well done!“The festivities continued throughout the country.


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