Spain: Towards a tougher state of emergency?

On Friday March 27, the Covid-19 epidemic claimed many more victims in 24 hours. “Unfortunately, this trend is still on the rise in Spain. To give you an idea of ​​the magnitude, in 24 hours, and it's a record here, 769 people died, for a total of nearly 5,000 dead. 86% of these victims were over 70 years old“explains the journalist Élise Gazengel in duplex from Barcelona (Spain) for the 20 Hours.

To curb this massacre, according to several Spanish media, the government is preparing a hardening of the state of emergency and containment, which is already very strict, in particular by shutting down all non-essential industries. “According to experts, the peak of contamination should arrive next week. And Spain is already preparing for the saturation of its hospitals. While on the street, and this is unusual in Spain, silence prevails, and the Spaniards seem to be resigned to this situation this evening“, concludes the journalist.

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