States Limit Access To Abortion In The Name Of Fighting The Epidemic

Several American states have decided to limit the right to abortion in the name of the fight against Covid-19. Associations that campaign for the right to abortion see it as an ideological maneuver on the part of the conservative fringe.

In Texas, the 24 clinics that still practice voluntary abortions have been ordered to declare all operations “non-emergency” unless it is life-threatening. Offenders face penalties of up to 180 days in prison and a $ 1,000 fine. Ohio has taken similar steps.

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I act in the interest of the Texans“, Assures the governor of Texas, the republican Greg Abbott. “We want to be sure that we have the necessary beds and the staff available to respond to the Covid-19”, he justifies.

In Texas and several American states, the legal window for a voluntary termination of pregnancy being already limited, postponing interventions means prohibiting them, say associations that campaign for the right to abortion. “I know we have to face this coronavirus challenge, but the service we provide to women is essential”said Ken Lambrecht, director of family planning in Texas. He promises to “continue to help our community in the best way and for as long as possible”.

In Ohio, three clinics refused to comply with the order to postpone abortions, saying they were essential, urgent medical procedures.

While one in two Americans is now confined to 18 of 50 states, Donald Trump remains opposes the complete closure of the country and forecasts a return to normal within a few weeks.


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