students come masked at their graduation in protest

“We want to let people know that students are part of this protest.” On Thursday, November 7, nearly 1,000 students showed their support for the protest movement that has shaken Hong Kong for several months. At their graduation ceremony at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, they presented themselves with masks and placards. They sang songs such as “Free Hong Kong, revolution of the century!”

Protesters have for five months made the habit of scrolling the masked face, including not to be recognized and guard against prosecution. However, in early October, the head of the Hong Kong executive, Carrie Lam, decided to ban the wearing of masks in an attempt to dissuade protesters from taking to the streets. A measure challenged here by students, and more widely ignored. It has also set fire to the scene by provoking even more violent demonstrations and acts of vandalism against companies accused of playing the game of the Hong Kong executive and Beijing.


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