Sun Yang suspended 8 years by the Arbitral Sports Tribunal (CAS)

“It pisses purple”. This declaration of Camille Lacourt, an evening of Olympic competition during the Rio Olympics in 2016, about Sun Yang had made an impression.

Since his debut in international pools, the Chinese did not panic only the lap times. From his first steps at the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008 when he was only 16, to his first Asian record and a gold medal in the 1500m freestyle in 2010, just before the gold double (800m and 1500m) at the Shanghai Worlds in 2011, then his four charms at the London Olympics in 2012 (including the titles on 400m NL and 1500m NL), without forgetting the Olympic coronation of Rio in 2016 on 200m NL and the money on 400m NL, he has accumulated honors, without silencing the bad languages.

Suspended for 3 months for doping before receiving the 2015 World Championships Swimmer Award

He had also tested positive for trimetazidine in July 2014 (allegedly prescribed for palpitations since 2008) and suspended for three months, but this stimulant was downgraded by the World Anti-Doping Agency (Ama) in January 2015, a few months before the Chinese received the award FINA of Best Male Swimmer of the 2015 Worlds, with three medals including two in gold.

This time is different. He indeed found himself in front of the CAS after having destroyed with a hammer a sample during an unexpected check. in September 2018. The case of the destroyed sample landed before the Sports Arbitral Tribunal (CAS) after appeal from the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) against a previous controversial decision by the International Swimming Federation (Fina), which had whitewashed the swimmer on a defect in form and suffered a severe snub with this CAS decision. The release had allowed Sun Yang to participate in the Gwangju Worlds last summer, where several swimmers had expressed dissatisfaction with his presence.

A last resort to the federal court

Sun Yang Suspended Eight Years After CAS Decision“the court said in a statement. However, its titles won after the incredible control, including the gold medals in the 200 and 400 freestyle in Gwangju in July 2019,”are not withdrawn retroactively“, said the secretary general of the CAS, Matthew Reeb. Sun Yang has a final appeal against his suspension before the Swiss federal court. “It is unfair, I firmly believe in my innocence. I'm going to appeal so that as many people as possible know the truth“He said, according to remarks reported by the Chinese agency Xinhua. He was not asked to use this right and therefore asked that his suspension not be executed until a final decision is made. It will be up to the federal court to decide. His hope is to participate in the Tokyo Olympics this summer.


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