tens of thousands of protesters marched in Santiago

Three weeks after its outbreak on October 18, the movement of social anger against the liberal president Sebastian Pinera does not weaken.

Tens of thousands of protesters gathered in central Santiago on Friday (November 8th) to protest against the government's policy. The headquarters of a university in the Chilean capital were burned during violent incidents.

>> Social fractures, political deception, repression of the army … Why is Chile burning?

Three weeks after the beginning of the crisis in Chile, a great peaceful protest march was taking place in Santiago. The rectorate of the University Pedro de Valdivia, a private institution, caught fire on the sidelines of this rally, noted several journalists of AFP. Sixteen fire companies were sent to the site. The building began to burn as hooded protesters clashed with riot units and set fire to barricades in the area, local media reported.

A tide of protesters poured in at nightfall on Alameda Avenue to invade for the third consecutive Friday Plaza Italia, renamed on a huge canvas “Plaza de la Dignidad” (“Plaza de la Dignite”). They wore Chilean flags and placards on which slogans were written against the government of Liberal President Sebastian Pinera.

Friday's march was convened on social media after Sebastian Pinera's speech on Thursday announced new security measures, trying to treat the crisis as a public order issue. On the other hand, the president made no announcement to answer the demands on the amount of retirement pensions, health or education.


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