the acting president threatens Evo Morales with legal proceedings if he returns to the country

The former president can return to his country since his Mexican exile. But he has “still accounts,” said Friday Jeanine Añez.

Evo Morales can return to Bolivia. But if that's the case, “he must know that he will have to answer in court. There is an electoral offense and many accusations of corruption in his government. ” In a press conference on Friday, November 15, Jeanine Añez warned the former president who found political exile in the Mexican neighbor. The one who was proclaimed acting president there is three days claimed that the old leader had “still accounts to be rendered”.

Evo Morales who “left of itself” for Mexico, assured Wednesday be ready to return to Bolivia for “pacify” his country. Since the announcement of his resignation Sunday, his supporters are demonstrating daily and clashes occur with law enforcement, including the capital La Paz. Some pro-Moral protesters threw stones and all kinds of objects at the police who responded by firing tear gas to try to disperse, said AFP journalists.

Previously, several thousand people chanting including “Evo, come back!” and waving Wiphalas, the multicolored indigenous Andean flag, had descended from the nearby town of El Alto to show their anger in the streets of La Paz.


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