the Amazon platform accused of destroying jobs in France

Would Amazon destroy jobs in France? Yes, says the former Secretary of State for Digital, Mounir Mahjoubi. According to his estimates, for a job created at Amazon, 2.2 are removed in traditional shops. A statement partly shared by the Federation of small traders. But for them, there could be other officials, such as demonstrations of “yellow jackets” of recent months or the development of shopping centers in the periphery.

Some traders believe that the platform has become unavoidable. Amazon is more than 21 million potential French customers. In the past year, a manufacturer of anti-pollution masks has generated more than 10% of its turnover thanks to the platform. An indispensable tool to attract new buyers and deliver customers quickly, even if it comes at a price. While some feel compelled to work with Amazon, others have decided to counterattack. This is the case of a butcher from the north of France. The latter who registered on an online platform managed by the shops of his town. Orders are still scarce, but merchants acknowledge having gained visibility, with more than 3,000 visits per month.


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