The anger of an American senator

You made profit before security“The US Congress has auditioned Boeing's president following the recent crash of two 737 Max planes, and Dennis Muilenburg has been subjected to both questions and criticism by US congressional senators in charge of the Transport Committee.”My anger has only grown. Those loved ones who lost their lives because of an accident that could not only have been avoided, as the chairman of this commission said, but which, in addition, results from deliberate concealment“blasted Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal.

If Boeing felt that the crashes were caused by human error, this same senator does not quite have the same version of the facts. Richard Blumenthal explains that the company has concealed malfunctions on the devices. “Of the 1600 or so pages in the Boeing 737 Max flight manual, the aircraft's new MCAS computer system was mentioned only once.“said the Democratic senator before adding:”You are lying to us.


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