The anonymous author of the anti-Trump platform of 2018 will publish a book

This “mole” claimed to be “part of the resistance within the Trump administration”, in a forum published in September 2018.

The book could shake the White House. The anonymous author of an explosive platform against Donald Trump, presented only as a senior official of the US administration, will publish on November 19 a book entitled A Warning (“A warning”, in English). The book will be published by Hachette Group's Twelve publishing house. Washington Post (in English) and CNN, Tuesday, October 22.

In 2018, this “mole” claimed to do “part of the resistance within the Trump administration”, in a tribune published by the New York Times. She told how some White House officials tried to fight from the inside against “worst inclinations” from a president to leadership “Shabby”, “impetuous” and “ineffective”. Denouncing a “treason”, Donald Trump had demanded from his then Minister of Justice that he open an investigation and demanded New York Times that he reveals the name of the “loose”. In vain.

according to CNN (in English), the author will remain anonymous. “Careful precautions have been taken to protect his identity”, according to sources quoted by the American channel. “It's an honor and a privilege to publish this book – it's a serious warning about our president”said a manager of Twelve editions at CNN. A press release obtained by the Washington Post (in English), present A Warning as “shocking testimony, first hand, about President Trump and his work”.

The White House has already criticized the book. Spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham mocked the book, saying in an ironic statement to the newspaper: “It takes a lot of conviction and courage to write an entire book on condition of anonymity”.


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