The appointment of the mediator. The Carlos Ghosn case and its treatment on the Franceinfo antenna

Carlos Ghosn at his press conference in Beirut. (JOSEPH EID / AFP)

Isabelle Raymond, deputy head of the economic and social service of franceinfo discusses the Carlos Ghosn affair with the mediator of the Radio France antennas.

Emmanuelle Daviet : We start with the Christmas message: “I wonder about the relevance of the significant airtime allocated to the press conference of Carlos Ghosn on Wednesday afternoon on Franceinfo. The interest of this press conference was relatively limited and it seems questionable to grant all this time to a litigant whose fate interests the listeners only marginally. “

Many listeners ask this question: why did you broadcast Carlos Ghosn's press conference live?

Isabelle Raymond : Franceinfo decided to retransmit the introductory remarks of Carlos Ghosn which lasted one hour, in English, with simultaneous translation in French, and not the question and answer session which lasted more than an hour and a half, since we decided then return to the antenna to decipher and analyze this intervention, with myself in the studio and guests.

Why spread this intervention and give it this large place? Because this press conference which took place in Beirut with 150 accredited journalists, coming from all over the world is a topical event with an international dimension. This is the first press conference organized by Carlos Ghosn since his arrest when getting off the plane, on November 19, 2018 in Japan, and since his spectacular flight from Japan to Lebanon, between Christmas and New Year's Day .

Since November 19, 2018, the date of Carlos Ghosn's arrest in Japan, how has Franceinfo covered this case?

Isabelle Raymond : We decided to devote airtime and resources to this case, always with the concern of having a complete and balanced treatment, with the presence of many guests on the air, with different points of view. As a specialist in the automotive sector for Franceinfo and following Renault for several years, I also delved into certain subjects, which allowed me to get out of information not denied to date.

We were also able to count on our network of correspondents in Beirut, Japan where the correspondent for Echoes and Franceinfo columnist, Yann Rousseau has been able to bring his expertise on this issue throughout the past few months;
I was also one of the rare French journalists to go to Tokyo, just a year ago, to cover the only public hearing of Carlos Ghosn in front of Japanese justice for all the antennas of Radio France.

Is this case really exceptional?

This is somewhat the equivalent in the economic world of what happened to Dominique Strauss-Kahn: a dizzying fall while the leader is at the top.

Carlos Ghosn is one of the rare French bosses to have an international dimension. When he stopped getting off the plane on November 19, 2018, it must be remembered that it was the man who hoisted Renault Nissan on the top step of the podium of car manufacturers worldwide. It is therefore the symbol of a tricolor industrial success.

This affair, which has seen many twists and turns over the past few months, is also extremely rich from all angles to be dealt with: judicial, political, diplomatic, economic and industrial. It is therefore indeed an exceptional affair in more ways than one.


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