“the best solution would be a white season”

No champion, no relegation, no possible Champions League for clubs like Marseille or Rennes … This is what would want for Ligue 1 Jean-Michel Aulas in case of long-term blocking of Ligue 1. In an interview with Le Monde, the president of Olympique Lyonnais gave his point of view on the freezing of the championship of France, touched like all the competitions by the propagation of the coronavirus.

And for him, if unable to continue this season, “the solution would be to say: it's a white season, which prevents those affected by the bottom of the table from turning against the LFP and the FFF. The regulations stipulate that it is at the end of the championship that one descends from a division. A different decision would open up a very expensive legal breach. The most logical would then be to say We cancel everything and we go back to the situation at the start of the season.“, Specifies Jean-Michel Aulas.

A situation to the advantage of Lyon?

Which would imply that European qualifications for next season would not be a function of this year's rankings, but those of … last year. A situation which would logically favor OL, qualified in the Champions League this season and current 7th in the championship but 16 points from second qualifying place directly, currently occupied by Marseille.

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“If we stopped the Tour de France at the twelfth stage, I don't know if it looks like the Tour has crowned its champions. In any case, you have to look at what the regulations say. Legally, it is more acceptable to say that we leave with the situation at the start of the season. “, justifies the president of OL after. While UEFA must meet on Tuesday to decide the fate of future European competitions and in particular the postponement or not of the Euro, Jean-Michel Aulas believes that it is “the wisest decision” to be taken. “UEFA could also have asked the national leagues to suspend their championships to allow European competition to take place in a less affected country with a little more delay, or also to do the following two rounds in one match instead of of them.”

Juventus-Lyon and C1 postponed

Finally, Jean-Michel Aulas dwelled on the adaptation of his club, while the coronavirus pandemic paralyzes all clubs and instances of professional and amateur football. “We decided to put the pro teams and the academies to rest until next Tuesday from this afternoon. We did not impose on them the obligation to train during these few days, even individually.”, specifies the president of Lyon.

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Coronavirus – Canceled, suspended or postponed: The list of all sporting events disrupted by COVID-19

OM international midfielder Dimitri Payet, whose team currently occupies 2nd place in Ligue 1 and would therefore qualify for the Champions League, split an ironic tweet.

Asked about the supposed slowness of the authorities and UEFA to take strict measures to avoid any spread in the stadiums, Jean-Michel Aulas rebounded on his desire to prevent his Youth League players from making their recent trip to Bergamo. The Champions League return match on Tuesday against Juventus in Turin (1-0 for OL on the outward leg) was logically postponed later, as were the other three Champions League games that were to take place next Tuesday and Wednesday.


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