the burden of dacha owners

All around Moscow (Russia), they extend over square kilometers. There are millions of Russian datchas all over the country. In Soviet times, land was distributed by the regime or large corporations. A privilege that is now becoming a burden. A 75-year-old is very proud to have built his dacha with his own hands. But the house can only be inhabited during the summer. There is no heating. For the shower, you have to go to the bottom of the garden. The interest of a dacha in the communist era was mainly the kitchen garden, used to grow vegetables that were not found in commerce. But this garden does not interest his only son, the owner decided to sell.

Thus, the classifieds of sale of datchas multiply. For their part, the Russians have seen their incomes stagnate for ten years. As a result, even luxury dacha's have trouble finding takers. The lead time has doubled and the number of transactions has collapsed by 20%. A house is priced at 263,000 euros, the equivalent of a three-room apartment in the suburbs of Moscow. But for a year and a half, nothing works: the house does not sell. Problem: the home owner needs money to start up her business. Specialists now consider that when selling a dacha, an owner can lose 30 to 40% of the sums invested.

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