the Cap d'Antibes coastal path

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Forgotten, the clichés on the concrete Riviera and the crowded beaches. On a piece of rock a priori hostile, nature has adapted. “The vegetation reaches the sea with limestone cliffs”, explains Didier Laurent, manager at the Cap d'Antibes coastal conservatory. A brown algae forest sits at the foot of the cliffs.

Coves attract fortunes from around the world

The vegetation seems sculpted by the spray. Suddenly, the landscape becomes lunar. The rock changes color and becomes dewy, granulated, proof of volcanic activity in the region. For twenty years, Didier Laurent has been surveying Cap d'Antibes, witnessing a real diversity of species. The coves attract fortunes from around the world, who build sumptuous homes there. For a time, part of the coast was privatized. Since 2011, the coastal path is finally fully accessible, to the delight of walkers.

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