“The Cesar Academy cannot be a closed bridge club”, according to actress Ariane Ascaride

According to her, the Académie des César must “rethink parity” and “diversity”.

“The Academy of Caesar cannot be a somewhat closed bridge club, where in the end, we are hermetic to what is happening inside society and therefore inside cinema”, ruled Friday February 14 on Franceinfo Ariane Ascaride. The management of the Caesars announced Thursday their collective resignation, two weeks before the next annual ceremony, against a background of crisis, between denouncing the opacity of the management of the Academy and the Polanski controversy. Ariane Ascaride had received the César for best actress in 1988, for her role in Marius and Jeannette.

franceinfo: A few days ago, in a column published in The world, you asked with several hundreds of other personalities of the cinema a big sweep in the organization of the César. Have you been heard?

Ariane Ascaride : For the moment, in fact, this resignation proves that there has nevertheless been an echo of the movement that is happening and perhaps that is a good thing. Afterwards, we will have to take a closer look and perhaps see how this Academy of Caesars should work, because there is something wrong.

What is wrong with the César organization today?

I believe that something is happening inside French society and not just inside contemporary cinema. This movement is happening in relation to women, this movement in relation to diversity. We have to rethink parity. We must rethink diversity. And the Académie des César cannot be a somewhat closed bridge club, where at the end of the day, we are hermetic to what is happening inside society and therefore inside the cinema.

Is it also a sling against the producer Alain Terzian, who made the rain and the good weather on the cinema for almost 20 years?

I don't think it will rain and shine on the cinema. French cinema has this great quality, it is its diversity. It's a cinema that everyone envies us all over the world. There is an incredible diversity and I do not know if it is really represented inside the Cesar ceremony.

So, do we want the Cesar ceremony to be simply a glamorous evening? Me, I don't mind, I know it's part of the film industry, but French cinema is a cinema that tells lots and lots of stories, with young directors, young directors … And I think that maybe inside the Academy of Caesar, we did not realize that there were many things that had changed inside the cinema for a number of years , and that we stayed a little bit closed, we stayed in a kind of self.


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