the CHU of Rouen victim of a general computer attack

The cyberattack prevents caregivers from accessing patient records and paralyzes part of the hospital's administration.

The CHU of Rouen was victim in the evening of Friday, November 15 of a gigantic computer attack, which always prevents Saturday from having access to the files of the patients, reports France Blue Normandy. The attack causes serious slowdowns in the treatment of patients. When it was detected, the staff of the Rouen University Hospital decided to stop the information system, “to prevent the attack from spreading everywhere”explains the hospital's communication department. But then, it is impossible for the caregiver to create cards for the patients who arrive, to follow the patients or to communicate between services, etc.

Only solution : “We came back to the paper pen, it complicated things enormously, absolutely everything is computerized”explains Evelyne Bourgeois, a hospital service agent and local secretary at the CGT. “Fortunately, there were doctors this morning to make prescriptions because we had nothing left. Same for meals, they are computer controlled, so it was complicated. Some have very special diets. “

In the afternoon of Saturday, November 16, all software was subjected to analyzes, conducted by thirty people from the computer department of the University Hospital Center. “We restart gradually after analyzing each software”reassures the hospital. “But he is not sure that everything is operational Sunday”. This should further complicate the task of the hospital staff, even less provided on Sunday. “We are in minimum squad”, regrets Évelyne Bourgeois. “There will be some doctors on call, but it's going to be complicated.”

The cyberattack has not been claimed and for now, the CHU has no clue. Union sources confirm that the Rouen hospital had already been the victim of a smaller attack a few years ago. August 10, 2019, 120 hospital centers had been affected at the same time by an offensive led by hackers.


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