The collective of Seine-Saint-Denis gives up asking for the deprogramming of the “J'accuse” of Polanski

The community East Ensemble which brings together nine municipalities of Seine-Saint-Denis gave up Wednesday, November 20 to ask the deprogammation of the film “J'accuse” of Roman Polanski.

The community East Together, who claimed Tuesday the withdrawal of the film I accuse of its six public cinemas, announced going back, facing the opposition of directors of cinemas and elected officials.

Tuesday evening, the socialist president of the community, Gerard Cosme, had announced during a territorial council this decision, while Roman Polanski is the subject of a new charge of rape from a French photographer.

After having “heard the position of the elected officials last night “, “I heard this morning from the directors“of cinemas, he said Wednesday morning to the media.”I talked to them about artistic freedom. After hearing everyone, in my soul and conscience, I maintain the programming of I accuse “by asking that there be debates accompanying the broadcast of the film,” he added.personal title“, he calls not to go see this movie.

I think that by programming this film I do not condone all rapists in FranceAnnie Thomas, director of Le Trianon cinema in Romainville, told AFP.

We ask from now on our elected representatives the list of the film-makers of which we will not have any more right to program the films and the definition of their criteria“, for his part wrote on Facebook Stéphane Goudet, the director of Méliès, in Montreuil.”Is there a planned audit committee for the morality of programmed artists, since the individual freedom of the spectators is not sufficient?“, the director had asked.

He returned later on Facebook to thank the opponents of the withdrawal of the film:

I am also deeply convinced that never the censorship of a work will plead for any cause whatsoever“, had also written on the social network Alexie Lorca, assistant to the culture of the city.

For his part, the lawyer of the filmmaker, Hervé Temime told AFP “appalled by this decision that Mr. Polanski does not want to react.”


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