The Daughters of Doctor March: a fan spots a forgotten bottle of water and a gourd on one of the shots

A discreet anachronistic detail has crept into the film Daughters of Doctor March, by Greta Gerwig. A fan spotted a gourd and a plastic bottle of water in one of the plans for the feature film released in 2019. An oversight by the technical team, the plot taking place in the 19th century.

Madelyn Rancourt, the admirer of the film behind this discovery, shared her discovery in a video on Tik Tok. Behind Timothée Chalamet, one of the main actors, we can perfectly distinguish the presence of these two bottles. “Has anyone else noticed this?” She asks in caption.

General awareness

The one who defines herself as a “super-fan” of the film specifies having seen it seven times at the cinema before locating the gourd and the bottle. His video quickly went viral, and everywhere on Twitter, viewers seem to be making the same discovery.

A few days later, as the tweets on this subject multiplied, Madelyn Rancourt published a new Tik Tok, in which she evokes a video of Vanity Fair. The American magazine had invited part of the cast and the director to comment on certain scenes. This plan was part of it, and none of those interviewed spoke of it, suggesting that they themselves had not spotted the blunder. CNN tried to get a reaction from Sony Pictures, without success. The cast also did not react on social networks. [/ embed]

This oversight recalls, of course, the famous similar quack that unleashed fans of Game Of Thrones. In one of the episodes of the final season, broadcast last year on HBO, a cup of coffee was spotted in the middle of this medieval setting. And spills more ink than the plot itself.


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