“The epidemic is still worsening rapidly” in France, with 1,331 deaths in hospitals

A balance sheet multiplied by five in a week, and 2,827 patients were Wednesday evening in intensive care.

“We have a rapidly expanding national epidemic.” The Director General of Health delivered the daily report of the coronavirus epidemic in in France, Wednesday, March 25. The number of deaths in hospital rose to 1,331 (231 more in 24 hours), a toll multiplied by five in a week. And 2,827 patients were in intensive care on Wednesday evening, “a considerable number, exceptional in such a short time and for a single disease”, according to Jérôme Salomon.

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In total, 11,539 patients are hospitalized out of 25,233 confirmed cases of contamination, said the director general of health. He highlighted a “major tension” in Ile-de-France, now “the most critical situation”. And this “despite considerable efforts to open hundreds of intensive care beds after having doubled already” the number of beds available.

“The crisis will be long, the next few days will be particularly difficult. The caregivers are fighting tirelessly, they deserve all our admiration and our tributes. We will have individual dramas, we will have collective dramas, families bereaved in numbers. We will have to face as a whole a new and very critical situation “, he noted.

In Italy, the increase in the number of cases of coronavirus continued Wednesday to stagnate in Italy, where the death toll still passed the mark of 7,500 dead (+683 in 24 hours), according to the official balance sheet. The peninsula remains the country most cruelly hit by the pandemic.

It is now followed by Spain, where the total number of deaths – 3,434 – exceeded Wednesday that reported in China (3,281), the cradle of the epidemic.

As in other European countries most affected, Spanish hospitals are on the verge of collapse, medical personnel exhausted and exposed to contagion due to lack of suitable equipment.

Spain will therefore buy 432 million dollars in sanitary equipment – masks, gloves, respirators, tests … – from China, where the disease has slowed its progression very considerably.


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