the fate of the 2020 Olympics decided in four weeks

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has given itself four weeks to make a decision. In a letter to athletes around the world, he announced that a postponement of the Olympic Games in Tokyo (Japan) is under consideration. Far too long for the French Swimming Federation: “It’s wasted time. It’s easier and safer for athletes to say it’s postponed. ” A postponement also required by the French, American, British and Spanish athletic federations joined by the American Swimming Federation and the Russian Boxing Federation.

For the sportspeople concerned, a lot of concern while confinement makes any physical preparation delicate or even impossible as in swimming, as Olympic champion Yannick Agnel points out: “You need to be in the water at least two training sessions a day, six to eight hours a day“If a postponement is well under consideration, the cancellation is not envisaged by the IOC.

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