the firefighters of London pointed out; Swiss Jura against 5G

A damning report on the tragedy of the Grenfell tower in London (United Kingdom). The huge fire had killed twelve people in June 2017. The commission of inquiry had first denounced the poor quality of the materials of the tower. Wednesday, October 30, she deplores the management of the disaster by firefighters, who defend themselves by questioning the narrowness of the stairwell.

End of ordeal for migrants

5G is not welcome in some parts of Switzerland. In front of the parliament of the canton of Jura, Swiss protest against the arrival of this future network of wireless communication and ultra fast, a collective of inhabitants considers harmful. 1,500 objections to 5G installation permits have already been filed.

Rescued in the Mediterranean, new migrants arrive in Sicily. On board a humanitarian ship, more than a hundred migrants from Africa were allowed to disembark after a twelve-day wait. France and Germany have undertaken to take charge of them.

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