the Franco-German border under close surveillance

They set off for Germany, but at the end of the bridge, a U-turn was compulsory. Vehicles like bikes: no one comes in. At Marckolsheim (Bas-Rhin), on the French side, the roads are blocked and the border has been re-established since Monday, March 16, at 8 a.m. An Alsatian motorist works in Germany and thought he could get there. In fact, he will have to use one of only two open crossing points.

On the German side, in Kiel, controls have been systematic since Monday morning. Here, no temperature measurement. Motorists are being put in good faith, but they must have good reasons for wanting to pass, namely a justification from an employer or a medical imperative. Reinstated controls that create miles of traffic jams. Over 300,000 cross-border workers between the two countries and a border re-established for an indefinite period.

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