The French association SOS Christians of the East announces the disappearance of four of its collaborators in Iraq

Currently, the association does not know where these people are.

Four people have disappeared in Iraq. They all belong to the SOS Christians of the Orient association. For now, the association, which is based in the region of Erbil (north of the country), does not know where its collaborators are, who disappeared near the French embassy in Baghdad. The association must hold a press conference at 6 p.m. French time.

The SOS Christians of the Orient association has thirteen volunteers on site, she explains on her website. A permanent mission was opened in Baghdad, the Iraqi capital, in August 2014. Its objective: to help Christians victims of the fighting with the Islamic State group and assist families of displaced persons and families of disadvantaged local communities “. Since 2018, “The challenge for the Iraq mission is to continue helping families return to their recently liberated villages”, continues the association.


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