the French press publishers lodge complaints against the digital giant who does not respect the “neighboring rights”

Marc Feuillée, the president of the national press union, was franceinfo's guest on Thursday (October 24th). (FRANCEINFO / RADIOFRANCE)

The French press publishers will lodge a complaint against Google for “abuse of dominant position”, announced on Thursday, October 24th on franceinfo Marc Feuillée, the group's managing director Le Figaro and president of the national press union. Newspaper publishers accuse Google of not complying with the “neighboring rights” rules that allow better remuneration. “We will also seize the authority of the competition”, detailed Marc Feuillée.

Google has imposed new rules on publishers to continue to reference them. “95% of searches on the internet are done via Google. This decision of Google we suffer, it is imposed and therefore we will challenge it “, explained Marc Feuillée.

Specifically, in France, Google will no longer display extracts of articles from European publishers, and other thumbnails or thumbnails in the results appearing in its search engine and in Google News. Instead, it will only display a title and a link, unless the press publishers specifically authorize it to use these extracts and thumbnails for free.

“We will seek the support of the public authorities”, continued the director general of the group Le Figaro. “The French Parliament unanimously passed the law on” neighboring rights. “It is a European directive, it is transposed in all European countries and we are indignant that a company can be placed above the laws “Marc Feuillée concluded.


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