the government wants to boost the electric, which struggles to seduce


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Connecting his car to an electric terminal has become a daily gesture for a VTC driver who has had an electric car for two months. He sees only advantages: “It costs me 500-600 euros of savings per month”, Siki Diakité details. “It's a good money package“However, in France, the electric car is struggling to seduce.On the 32 million down the slopes of the country, only 200 000 are 100% electric.

Vehicles still too expensive

The reason is perhaps above all pragmatic. With some home installations, it can take up to 30 hours to load your car. As for the public terminals, they remain to develop: there are less than 25 000 points of reloading in France. Finally, driving is expensive: more than 17,000 euros for an entry-level model. But builders have no choice. They have to sell electricity because by 2020 they will be subject to even stricter regulations on CO2 emissions.


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