The government's new mobile app to “revolutionize” vocational training

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A website and a smartphone app: the government will present this Thursday, November 21 “a real revolution” in lifelong learning according to the Minister of Labor. Muriel Pénicaud provides in an interview to Sunday newspaper this Sunday, November 17th that “the mobile application 'My account training' and the website that accompanies it are a real revolution” because they will “allow our country to enter a society of skills”. She explains that “more than 40,000 training courses” will be immediately available on the application, the sessions being accessible to 25 million employees.

Training that the minister promises “quality” since “only accredited bodies preparing for a professional title or diploma can be referenced”. Muriel Pénicaud ensures indeed in the JDD that this mobile application for the professional training “is an important tool to answer the technological, digital, ecological transformations which make that one trade out of two will evolve deeply within ten years”. She believes that “thanks to new technologies, the right to training becomes accessible to 100% of the people concerned”.

100,000 training sessions immediately available on the application

According to Muriel Pénicaud, “the personal training account has existed since 2015, but it remains virtual”, which means that only two million French have used it so far. “It's a bit like having money hidden somewhere without having the key to the safe … On Thursday, this right becomes real for 25 million employees,” says the Minister of Labor.

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“At least 100,000 training sessions will be immediately available on the application, for more than 40,000 training” promises Muriel Pénicaud who believes that with this new device, “the citizen has the power”.


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