The green ticket. Going green to be better confined

Thousands of French people fled the big cities on Monday, March 16, 2020, to go green, in the countryside or by the sea, to get through this confinement test linked to the Covid-19 epidemic. (Illustration) (MAXPPP)
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Since this Monday, March 16, thousands of French people have fled the big cities to “take shelter” in the green, towards the countryside or the seaside, as if to escape the progression of this very agonizing epidemic in the cities. , however, with the risk of increasing contamination in rural areas not or little affected by Covid 19.

We knew the rural exodus, today it is the urban exodus! It hadn’t happened since World War II. The announcement of the containment caused concentrations in the stations of travelers who left the city for the countryside, looking for space, nature, relatives, and comfort. And the incentive also comes from the fear, often with good reason, that urban pollution may be an aggravating factor.

The decrease in transport, especially cars, reduces pollution and so relieves our lungs, which by being less irritated, are more resistant to the virus. For users, such as health workers who have to go to work, it is easier, due to confinement, to keep their distance.

In China and South Korea, where the spread seems to have stabilized, wearing a mask as soon as you leave your home is compulsory, and tests are 10 times more numerous than in France. The explanation by some officials that “This is useless”, and “there is not for everyone “, irritates among others, a good number of doctors in France. From where the expression which runs on the net currently: “Between confined, and finished cons, you have to choose! “

In China, precautions have allowed large cities to stop the spread. This is the case of Nanjing, a city of eight million people. For those who have to go out, they take the temperature at the entrance to grocery stores, or to take the bus or the metro, and there are disinfectant towel dispensers available everywhere. In addition, taxis, which are disinfected between each race, have taped a transparent plastic to isolate the passengers, who pay only by smartphone.

Digital applications are set up, or your state of health is accessible to everyone, in addition to what already exists with the program. “social credit” : the most badly rated citizens are, for example restricted in their means of transport. It's the atmosphere Black mirror of the American series, which gives you good and bad points according to your behavior, except that we went from virtual to real! Your personal health card, constantly updated according to your visits or trips, is supposed to assess the risks of contamination for yourself or for others. Basically, by being geo-located, you have time to change the sidewalk! It also serves as a passport for entering or not entering certain isolated neighborhoods, buildings or shops.

These measures are hardly imaginable in Europe, unless they are limited in time, while respecting a kind of anonymity. For air quality, for example, if you have doubts about the finest particles, propagation factor, you must stem them. This concerns diesel, aerosols, but also agricultural spraying, which is currently underway, despite the health emergency. Anything that can help lower the risk is obviously welcome.


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