The guest of the 23h: Farah Rigal, ode to the singer Fairouz

Invited Franceinfo's 23h, the French-Moroccan singer Farah Rigal returns to her new album “Tribute to the Diva Fairouz”, an ode to the Lebanese singer, legendary music of the Arab world with Oum Koulthoum. An artist who accompanied her all her childhood. “She is a huge Lebanese diva, but she has radiated all over the Arab world, she has marked my childhood, my youth, by her repertoire, her voice”, admits Farah Rigal. Nine songs that trace three key periods of his life. “It's a challenge that I did not meet alone, we revisited the repertoire in all humility and with a lot of love”said the singer.

Fairouz, an artist who had a fascinating life. “She has worked with extraordinary people, she has modernized Arabic music and inspired generations.” A Mona Lisa for her too. “Beyond the resemblance, I find fascinating the mystery surrounding this lady, when she begins to speak, it is a window on her soul, always in restraint, always with a veil of mysteries”, describes Farah Rigal.


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