the heartbreaking choice of doctors

Italy is overwhelmed by the Covid-19 epidemic. The nursing staff are overwhelmed and begin to sort the patients. The oldest will soon no longer be treated. “There are 733 people in intensive therapy tonight (Monday March 9) in Italian hospitals, that is to say that they need respiratory assistance devices, however, there are not as many devices, especially in the north of the country“, explains the journalist Alban Mikoczy, live from Rome (Italy).

Will caregivers favor younger patients?

One caregiver said she was dismayed at having to choose from all of her patients. “A note was released today. A group of experts in resuscitation doctors gives 15 criteria in which to choose the people to whom care should be directed. Do patients have a lung history? Age also comes into play. It is written that it is better to give priority to younger people rather than the elderly. There is a lot of debate in Italy“, specifies the journalist.

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