“The idea is to avoid housing that actually become clandestine hotels,” said Ian Brossat

According to the deputy mayor of Paris in charge of housing, “the checks will be more targeted”, “on the basis of this list of housing”.

Temporary rental platforms, such as Airbnb, may be forced by the municipalities to provide a detailed list of housing rented through them once a year, according to a decree published Thursday, October 31 in the Official Journal. “The idea is to avoid housing that actually becomes clandestine hotels”responded to franceinfo Ian Brossat, deputy mayor of Paris in charge of housing, spokesman for the PCF.

What will this change?

Ian Brossat: It's a measure that allows us to move a little bit in the direction of greater transparency, so that's a good thing. We want to know which lodgings are rented on Airbnb for behind, carry out controls that allow us to know what is legal or not.

What do you want to avoid?

The idea is to avoid housing that actually becomes clandestine hotels, homes that lose their original purpose and are rented to tourists all year round. This is a phenomenon we have unfortunately seen and against which we are struggling. It will therefore be an additional tool against this drift.

Will this simplify the controls?

Yes. We have 30 controllers today in the city of Paris and we will be able to carry out controls that will be more targeted, since we can do them on the basis of this list of housing.

The Senate adopted Wednesday night an amendment to the Bill Commitment and Proximity, aiming to allow mayors to “modulate” the allowed rental periods of furnished airbnb type. Is this a good thing?

I am very much in favor of this measure. Today, we have the opportunity to rent his home on Airbnb for 120 days a year. It's huge, it's too much, it's four months a year. In no country in the world is there such lax legislation. The reality is that on this issue as on many others, the government is pursuing a policy dictated by lobbies and Airbnb, which do not want this threshold to be lowered.


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