the Institut Pasteur is preparing the fight against the coronavirus

For 120 years, the laboratory of the Institut Pasteur in Dakar has seen yellow fever, Ebola and so many other epidemics born on the African continent pass by. It is now at the heart of the coronavirus control system in Senegal. All tests performed in the country are done in this laboratory, without exception. That represents a hundred tests at the moment.

It is necessary to screen as much as possible when the disease is not yet widespread. “Today, the best way to keep the situation manageable is to keep control of the confirmed cases and take the people around, test them, isolate them and put them under observation”, explains doctor Ndongo Dia, laboratory manager. “Beyond its action in Senegal, the Pasteur Institute in Dakar also trains other African countries”, adds Marc De Chalvron, France Télévisions special envoy on the spot.

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