the Kurds, “able to defeat Daesh”, “deserve better than to be treated like that” believes Riss

Kurds “deserve better than being treated like that”said Riss, editorial director of Charlie Hebdo, on franceinfo Friday, November 1, while Turkey launched on October 9 an offensive against the Kurds of Syria.

While survivors of the Bataclan sign a platform in Le Parisien to defend the Kurdish people of Syria and denounce their “abandonment” by Paris, Riss said “share this look”. “It's true that the Kurds have given their lives to fight the scourge of terrorism, this fascism, represented by Daesh.” “We do not support them enough.” When we fight against this kind of totalitarianism, we have to stand together. “he continues.

“It is not very glorious not to be more grateful and not to support this people who did a lot to defeat Daesh, there are not many people who are able to defeat Daesh, many are there. They've done it, and they deserve better than being treated like that. ”


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