“The League has raised a request for a waiver so as not to go after confinement. We are going to be ridiculed”

Is it vital to finish the championship for the future of French professional clubs?
P. F:There are two hypotheses for the end of the season: first the one that would allow the championship to end, but for that it is necessary to fix an imperative end date of the championship, and therefore from there, also fix an imperative date of restart of the 10 remaining matches. The second hypothesis is the final cessation of the championship with the economic and financial consequences. As long as we do not stop one of these two hypotheses, we prevent ourselves from negotiating properly with the broadcasters and from there, we let them take initiatives that can cost us even more. Canal's initiative, which consists in not setting the April deadline and the June deadline, gives us a sign. Therefore, it is necessary at all costs to sit at the negotiating table with BeIn, Canal, and MediaPro. Because the longer we delay, the more we will destabilize the following season, pose problems for MediaPro and at the same time we remain uncertain for BeIN and Canal. This is not acceptable and we have to work faster.

I see all the other sports postpone or cancel their competitions and we professional football continues to manage uncertainty, it is no longer possible. I understand that for 48 hours, the department has asked the LFP to study the possibility of stopping the championships.

L1 and L2 at 22 clubs

The white season, first mentioned by Jean-Michel Aulas, would be a credible hypothesis if we stop the championships now?
P. F: I am obviously for us to finish the championship but if it does not have to end, the question is to know what end we will give to each of the championships. I believe that in the scenarios to be considered, and even if I am against the white season that Jean-Michel Aulas mentioned, he is right to integrate the hypothesis that the championship could not go to its end. I am rather so that we stop the photo at the 28th day and that from there, we do not make descents but that climbs. What will bring Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 to 22 clubs, it will certainly make some scream. But finally after such a crisis, everyone can make efforts and spend a season at 22 with 4 descents the following year. Or 3 descents if you spread that over two years.

Should solidarity be necessary between Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 to get out of it?
P. F:It will require solidarity between Ligue 1 and Ligue 2, also within Ligue 1 between wealthy clubs and more modest clubs, as it will require solidarity between professional football and amateur football. Because the National is the antechamber of Ligue 2, we must also think about it.

“We walk on the head”

Can partial unemployment really help clubs get out of it?
P. F:It will not be enough, partial unemployment is capped at 4 and a half times the minimum wage, that is to say almost 7000 euros which is already a significant salary, but we know very well that in professional football, in the League 1 as in Ligue 2, there are salaries much higher than that. So it is state aid which is not negligible but it will not be enough to meet the cash flow difficulties experienced by professional clubs. So we need to find solutions to recover TV rights as quickly as possible, we need to ensure a summer transfer window, in order to preserve next season because the longer we wait, the more we will destabilize next season at the risk of massacring it. Let's get around the table as quickly as possible, clubs, broadcasters, the League, everyone will have to make an effort so that we all get away with it. The last office of the League evoked to ask for exemptions to the ministry not to go to the end of the confinement. We will make fun of the population, the footballer who would break the rule and train from April. We are not serious, we walk on our heads …

Michel Goldstein


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